My official role at Ajacs:  
Customer Service Representative

My unofficial role at Ajacs:  Keeping up on what Paul falls behind on!!

My most prized possessions as a child:  My electric train and my Model 94 Daisy BB gun.

My most prized possession as an adult:  My cabin in Irons

If my life could be a movie, I would want it to be:  Back to the Future (it would be great to go back in time)

I take guilty pleasure in eating:  Pizza for breakfast

My house contains an inordinate number of:  Phones (working or not!)

The best thing about working at Ajacs:  I get to work with a bunch of intelligent people who still like to have fun

The most important thing I do to keep customers happy:  Proof and double-check their orders to be sure they receive the right parts the first time

If I ever retire, I would like to spend a lot of time:  Fishing and hunting up in or around Irons, Michigan for the summer and fall, then going south for the winter