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Have you ever wanted to try something new without having to pay for it?mspfree

We are so confident you will appreciate the numerous benefits of our Mold Solution Products®, you can give them a try on us. You can try a sample of each product for FREE!

Free samples are available for the following products.

  • Lecithin Mold Release #1504 - A highly versatile release agent perfect for molding parts that need painting or decoration.
  • Mold Saver #1706 - An excellent corrosion inhibitor that not only eliminates moisture penetration, it displaces any preexisting moisture.
  • Tool Towels #7001 - Designed specifically for the plastic molding and mold building environment, Tool Towels wipe way all particles found in normal molding applications.
  • Mold Cleaner-Degreaser #1605 - A heavy-duty cleaner formulated as a strong, effective remover of plastic resins, greases, paints, oils, and releasing agents.
  • Silicone Mold Release #1302 - Superior mold release for high temperature, pressure and hard to work resins.

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