My official role at Ajacs:  Outside Sales Representative

My unofficial role at Ajacs:  Keeping coffee supplies stocked in the break room

My most prized possession as a child:  My toy Colt 45 gun and holster

My most prized possession as an adult:  My father's first double barrel shot gun and split bamboo fly rod

If my life could be a movie, I would want it to be: Cool Hand Luke

I take guilty pleasure in eating:  Stale Marshmallow Peeps

My house contains an inordinate number of:  Bird Houses - yes, inside

The best thing about working at Ajacs:  Working with a group of people who all have good work ethics

The most important thing I do to keep customers happy:  Responding as fast as possible to provide quality products at a fair price when they need them

If I ever retire, I would like to spend a lot of time doing:  Service projects and volunteer work wherever I'm needed