The history of Ajacs makes a good story about the successes and growth of an American family business. Three generations of the Wierenga family have helped build the company, from Jack Wierenga, who purchased the small die set manufacturer in 1964, to Bob Wierenga, and now to his sons.

But within the story lie the themes that make Ajacs what it is: a company dedicated to serving our customers by focusing on their needs.

Even in the 60s, as a die set manufacturer, the company was responding to customer needs, adding many new product lines for distribution, from springs, pins and bushings to conveyor systems and sensor products. Ajacs’ roots in manufacturing also served as the foundation for the company's strong understanding of parts and quality. In 1968, the die set manufacturing segment was sold to a local steel supply company. With a new focus on metal forming supplies and a new name—Ajacs—the company soon moved into the city of Grand Rapids.

During the past four decades, we have earned our reputation with our employees, customers and suppliers as a company that practices the high ethical standards of honesty, integrity, trust and respect. As a family-owned business, we encourage our employees to bring creativity, innovation, and the spirit of continual improvement to work every day, yet always maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. And we accept personal responsibility for maintaining these values for the betterment of all.