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Inductive & Capacitive Proximity Sensors

 AC, DC, AC/DC, Inductive, Miniature, Standard, Rectangular, Ring and Capacitive

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Photoelectric Sensors

 Cylindrical, Multi-Voltage, Multi-Purpose, Miniature, Terminal Connection

Professional Series

 Inductive Proximity Sensors (Long Range, MetalHead™, Weld Field Immune, SpatterGuard™)

Sensor Accessories

 Mounting Brackets, Mounting Sleeves, Quick-Mount Tubes, Banking Screws

Sensor Cables and Distribution Boxes

 M8 Pico, M12 DC Micro, M23 Mini Cables, Quick Disconnect Distribution Boxes

Sensor Product Guide

 Proximity, Capacitive, Photoelectric, Ultrasonic, Safety Light Curtains, Cables, Connectors