My official role at Ajacs:  
Officer - Operations

My unofficial role at Ajacs:  "Daily Thoughts" Provider

My most prized possession as a child:  My enormous Lego set

My most prized possession as an adult:  John Deere Z930M - 60" 7-Iron PRO MOD

If my life could be a movie, I would want it to be:  Field of Dreams - playing baseball with the legends of the game!

I take guilty pleasure in eating:  Anything with peanuts in it

My house contains an inordinate number of:  My daughters pink clothes and BPS (big plastic stuff)

The best thing about working at Ajacs:  Working with a great bunch of people who get their work done but also know how to keep things relaxed and fun

The most important thing I do to keep customers happy:  Continually look for new ways to provide relevant information to help the customer become more efficient and profitable

If I ever retire, I would like to spend a lot of time:  Spending time with my wife traveling, preferably in Ireland and/or Scotland